Syncopation 6-15

  For the third and last time this season I was completely blown away by this Ensemble production. The show was based around a man Henry, living in 1911 New York City, who always had the dream of being a ballroom dancer, so he looks for a partner. In terms of dance partners, you see […]

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This semester of writing these posts and going to see these shows has been a really awesome thing for me. There’s nothing more that I fully appreciate than theater, and being able to do this was so awesome. I’m intending on continuing on with this blog, I know that some of my posts are not […]

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High Fidelity 4-30

This show wowed me and all of the other members of the Bullets cast who went to see it, it was the only day we could because we had our own show going on at the time. I saw a lot of people from our show there, one of the actors in High Fidelity is […]

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Bullets Over Broadway.

This post is going to be only half biased and I’m still going to say that Bullets Over Broadway turned out to be a complete hit. Even on the nights we did not as well and we all believed we didn’t do well I had family members and other peoples family members tell me how […]

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Babydoll 4-14

Starting this out I need to say how busy I’ve been lately, I have hardly had any time to even just relax and have time to myself anyways. The last show I saw before the crazy Bullets grind started(next blog post) was Babydoll at the New Vic downtown Santa Barbara. I ended up just going by […]

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The Addams Family 4-7

I’m sure most people will remember the old Addams Family movies with the dark and mysterious family that finds joy in dim things. It’s what made me excited to go see it at Dos Pueblos for their opening night. Writing this post is sort of difficult because as excited as I was, it didn’t live […]

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SBHS Production Progress

With only 25 days until the show everyone is getting really excited and anxious about Bullets Over Broadway (me included because I’m in it). I think that everyone has been enjoying the rehearsal progress a lot, learning new dances and singing this type of jazz music is different from the past show in the fall. […]

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