Pinocchio? 2-3


When I came up with this idea for a theater blog I realized in order to see one show every week I would definitely have to see some interesting and far out shows, frankly it made me more excited. Last Friday I saw “Wood Boy Dog Fish” with another friend from theater, which was put on by the Rogue Artist’s Ensemble group. The show’s interesting name comes from the original story “The Adventures of Pinocchio” written by a Florentinian in 1883, and it was actually just a read through of the script that the writers with the Rogue Artist’s group had written before. They did the show in LA a few years ago and had gone back to it to improve and add new things. They added some songs from what they had before and had some new actors as well as some of the same old ones from the original show, some people doubled up on characters too.


One of the really cool things was before the show began they brought out the original “Wood Boy” puppet from the show years ago. They explained that this puppet took three puppeteers to work and I also thought that the puppet was just super cool because it wasn’t painted or anything it was mostly plain but super original. To get more into the show it was more of an adult “real world” kind of view, Geppetto was a drunk, was underpaid, and was grieving over his lost love which turns out to be the same blue fairy character in Disney’s Pinocchio but in this show her name is just blue. He makes marionettes for the Fire Eater which is the same character as the puppet master as well, but she always underpays him and frequently sends her goons after him, Fox and Cat.


One of the best things about the entire show that was great were two of the characters, one was the owner of the towns gift shop and the fire eater. Their acting was so extremely good and everything they said was well timed, you can imagine that since it was only a reading and the people were all standing in a line there wasn’t exactly much moving they could do it would be hard to be impressed. I most certainly was impressed by both of them. The way that they twisted the story into this dark comedy was so awesome and I really enjoyed seeing it even though I was skeptical about it at first. Afterwards my friend and I got icecream too so that was pretty solid. The next show I’m seeing is going to be “Porgy and Bess” at the New Vic theater done by Ensemble Theater Co. this coming weekend. I’m super excited for it and can’t wait to do my next post for it.file_002



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