Bullets Over Broadway Casted! 2-10

1 finished tommy gun(top left) and pieces of many in the making

The spring show for Santa Barbara High has come and has been cast, which is really exciting. The show is called Bullets Over Broadway, it’s  about a man named David Shane (played by Ben Zevallos) who wants to produce an original show he’s made. In all the excitement he finds a person willing to fund it, but that someone is none other than Nick Valenti (Cai Norton) a mob boss who really only wants to fund it to get his girlfriend Olive (Penny O’Mahoney) a lead role. It turns into a very big gang problem and there’s a lot of shooting and everything in the show. It’s a very “Roarin’ 20s” show so they’ve got tommy guns and suits and it’s going to be awesome!


I think on Friday night when everyone was anxiously awaiting the cast list even just to see who got what if they weren’t getting a main role. One of the interesting things is that Otto had auditions Wednesday the 8th and then on Thursday he had reading callbacks which isn’t something that usually happens, on Friday is when he had vocal callbacks and then posted the cast list a few hours later. The cast is also huge, the cast for Young Frankenstein in the fall was 28, Otto said 30-35 for Bullets and now the cast is 39 people! I think my friend Drewes, who’s also in the cast with me, is going to be doing more posts on his blog about the rehearsal process. Funny enough, Drewes and me are best buds in the show, the characters Rocco and Aldo are two of the henchmen type people in the show. When I think about how it would’ve been cool to get one of the bigger roles like Nick Valenti or his right hand man, Cheech, I think that the people put into these roles are going to make it a great show and I’m extremely excited to work with them all for the 10 weeks of rehearsal.


One of the really great parts is going to be seeing the set come together slowly, the set is going to be huge and there’s going to be a lot of moving pieces. On top of that-literally on top- the band is going to be on a raised platform far backstage. The entire band is going to be about 20 feet in the air throughout the whole show! There’s going to be many set changes it’s going to be super cool. I ended up deciding that this post was more important than the “Porgy and Bess” one but that one is still coming next week. I’ll post about Bullets Over Broadway again too but to get more specific about it go to http://sbwithdrewes.wordpress.com to see Drewes’ blog.

Here’s a full picture of the cast list.



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