Lydia 2-17

View of the stage from where I was sitting, opposite the entrance.


Lydia is the first show I’m going to at UCSB out of hopefully many. I purposefully don’t read very much about the shows I see so that I can enjoy it all and figure it out for myself and from what I had read i knew that this show would be more serious and much more of an adult show to go see. The base of this show is a family who came to Texas from Mexico in the 70s when drafting was happening for younger men. The father is abusive and doesn’t do much for the family besides sit around and work late nights, he doesn’t even try very hard to speak english with them and sticks mostly to spanish. Their daughter Ceci has brain damage after an accident that happened some time ago and lays in bed not moving or talking the whole of the show but also there are moments of the show where we see her thoughts and she acts while to everyone else she’s just laying in her bed. The mother hires a maid to come and help around the house named Lydia, hence the name of the show. Lydia develops very strange relationships with each member of the family and starts to bring up uncomfortable point with them all the while saying that she’s been talking to Ceci who hasn’t spoken in a very long time to anyone.



She puts divides between the whole family by recalling exactly how the accident happens where Ceci gets in the accident all actually being said by Ceci on stage with a reenactment happening on stage. One of the really different things that made parts like this one really interesting to watch is that the seats were on all four sides of the stage, so it really was like their enclosed living room. Each actor kind of had their own area of the stage to be at so you could tell each of the characters was well developed because they way they acted when the focus wasn’t on them. I was hoping to meet with the director Irwin Appel on thursday but I didn’t have a chance with the way my schedule has worked out. The next show I’m going to see is A Walk In The Woods at the Plaza Playhouse Theater in Carpinteria on the fifth of March but the next post will probably be about Newsies! I ended up seeing two of the three screenings at the Metro Four and there’s one final one this weekend, post’ll be up next week.

View of the stage from the entrance.



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