Newsies 2-18

It was hard to push off writing this post until the last showing of Newsies for the Fathom Events but this was definitely my favorite show out of the ones I’ve done posts on so far. We did one of the songs in Newsies for Music of the Night this year so I had already listened to the score and everything and every part of it I completely loved. I didn’t expect the actual show to wow me so much that I ended up seeing it twice! The show is based on the newsboy strike in 1899 which happened because of unfair rights to the workers who sold the paper. It’s based around the character Jack Kelly, played by Jeremy Jordan who’s extremely talented, is the head of a certain newsies group and he convinces them to form a union and go against the maker of the press. It’s filled with changing relationships and a really great love story but the whole time, Jack is caught up in being somewhere better than selling papers in New York even while this city means so much and has his “family” which is really just the other news boys and a reporter. By the end of the show they really stick it to the owner of “The World” paper and end up working out a deal that could easily work while closing down this evil institution that Kelly’s friend gets sent to because it’s bad conditions. What’s really funny is that Jack does it with the help of Governor Roosevelt who has a sort of beef with Joe Pulitzer so it’s even more humiliating. The show was super amazing and the fact that I knew so much of the music and about the characters the second time around when I went with some friends it made it so much better. One of the best parts that I love about any show are the accents that were in this show. They all were so good and pushed their characters to crazy limits, I’d never really seen something quite like it. I honesty can’t imagine what it would’ve been like to see it in the actual Broadway theater with the real sound and the energy eminating from the actors on stage. Next week I’m gonna post on “A Walk in the Woods” done at the Plaza Playhouse Theater which is based on a true story. I’m seeing “Mr. Burns” at UCSB tomorrow on the 11th and “Fun House” at the Ahmasom theater in LA on the 19th. Definitely recommend both shows they’re gonna be great. 


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