Fun Home 3-19

This week I’m on vacation in Michigan so it’s a good thing I saw a few extra things so I’ll have one to post on. On the 19th I saw the show Funhome and it was amazing, as well as the crazy good Italian food we had before hand at Maccheroni Republic. It was at a theater in La so it wasn’t exactly SB based but it’s still close enough.


The show was a sort of heavy show. It was a coming out story based on a autobiographical graphic novel, so it was about a woman named Alison Bechdel coming out to her parents when she was younger, it’s called funhome because the family were the owners of the Bechdel Family Funeral Home but they all called it the fun home. The whole show really was good there were 8 or 9 actors I thought and they were all super good. The only slightly confusing thing was the whole time it was being sort of narrated by one actor who was the woman now, while it would switch between herself as a child and herself as a college student.

It’s mostly based around the relationship she has with her father and what happens after coming out to him. I feel like a show like this could’ve been really dangerous to do if they did it incorrectly it would’ve offended and frustrated a while lot of people. The fact that they effectively told the story and did it with some amazing music was really something. Right at the beginning of the show oldest Alison tells you that it was about her realizing she was lesbian and her father killing himself because he had come out himself. Most of the parts with young Alison were things like her father wanting more of the family or getting frustrated at Alison for wanting to do different (more masculine) things. In his head surely he was thinking about when he realized he was gay and he did all these different things and people stared and thought he was weird, so his heart was in the right place in that way.

The parts with college Alison were focused on Alison actually discovering herself and coming out to her parents, that’s where she finds out that her father has had affairs with men and her mother knows. She pushes her father to tell her something about it, what he’s done to the family but he doesn’t really. The parts where older Alison would jump in were parts where she asks a lot of questions about what she was doing then or what her parents were thinking.


The whole show is really good and not hard to like at all. I went with half of my family and all of them cried at least once even random people around me cried. If I had money I would’ve bought a t shirt or something the show was really amazing and I recommend going to see it. or even reading the graphic novel, it has some stuff that the show didn’t Next week I’m making a post on the progress of Bullets Over Broadway but I’m not totally sure what show I’m going to see next. If anyone has any ideas shoot me an email at the address on my about page.


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