Mr. Burns 3-11

Mr. Burns was the more recent show  that I saw at UCSB, I want to start this post out by saying straight up that this show was amazing. The full name of the show is “Mr. Burns, A Post Electric Play” because of it being a post apocalyptic show after society has crumbled. Mr. Burns in the Simpsons is a very big character who owns the nuclear plant, which is the source for the apocalypse, the plants started going up and causing radiation. The show has three acts and begins with a group of people sitting around a fire recalling the Cape Feare episode of the simpsons in high detail recalling certain lines as well as acting out voices and everything it was super funny and the actors were really good.

My confession that I have to make is the first night I went to the show I had driven to UCSB by myself and that campus is extremely confusing and my phone can’t geolocate so I was pretty much lost! By the time I got to the correct theater the act started so I couldn’t go in until intermission after the second act which sucked. I started with the third act which is the act with the musical part in it. I expected myself to be extremely confused but I actually know the musicians and musical director so I talked to them and they filled me in the best they could. So anyways, they’re sitting around the fire and saying these lines when a stranger appears and it jumps straight from a light conversation to a very serious kind. That part was really cool because it was a really quick transition from this lighter funny show to a more serious bit and they sit and there’s a system where people keep records of the people they’ve met so they can help others out. The new guy goes back to talking simpsons with them and helps them finish the episode.

After that its act two which takes place seven years later, the same group is a real group who does shows for the public complete with commercials acted out and all it’s really cool. One of the big things they argue about is what lines to purchase and it seems that you can purchase lines to be able to use them in your shows like from simpsons episodes or you can let people use them and get some of their profit. It’s cool to see that because surely something like that would happen were society to collapse in today’s world. The act ends with this crazy awesome mashup of all these acapella pop songs from around the 2000s. That alone hearing their voices and all the harmonies and making songs that I already know into this crazy beautiful sound would’ve been enough alone for me to go back a second time. Another big thing is that they weren’t on mics, and they were extremely good at singing, everything fit. So far this is the best show I’ve seen. Next week’s post will be on a super amazing show i saw in LA called Fun Home!



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