Last Train to Nibroc 4-13

For this show I was actually sent the production photos before I even saw the show and the photos were really cool looking. The outfits of the two people(only ones in the show) in them were really cool and then photos were in dull colors to add to the old effect. The show was about two people who in a weird chain of events find each other together, fully by chance had no reason to meet but they did. There were only three scenes, the show ran an hour and fifteen minutes with no intermission so it was relatively short but I enjoyed it all the same.

The two characters are Raleigh, a recently discharged soldier who was discharged from the air force due to fits of epilepsy, and May, a young lady going all the way to California to see her fiancee before she finds out that he’s not what she wanted anymore and heads home. They meet on the train home where they coincidentally live very close to each other. Raleigh sits down next to May on the train and starts talking about what book she’s reading and asking her questions about it until eventually revealing that he was messing with her and he’s already read it. Both of them are quite open with each other and build a strong friendship right from the get go but Raleigh claims he wants to go to New York with the literal dead American authors on the train, thinks it’s a sign. May also truly wants to become a missionary, and is serious about it too.

It then cuts to a year later about, and they meet again in their home town, neither of them having really fully chased their dreams and it further builds on their characters with each other. They were both very emotional and very up and down characters but of course it worked very well they would argue and apologize and back and forth. There wasn’t a moment where I wasn’t enjoying parts of their interactions, or just thinking about how good the acting was, accents and such. Surely doing a two person show is very difficult, it means theres less for you to work off of because it’s only one person that’s giving it to you. They both were super amazing.

I also just like 1900s plays and musicals a lot, any sort of show out of our time frame is always cool to see. I feel like to explain any more of the show would be to ruin a really good joke so I won’t on the off chance that I could. One of the funny things I thought I’d mention is that the company to put it on (DogStar theater) has their name from the Dog star, or Sirius, because the dogstar is what’s guided explorers and people of that sort so they used it as generations of the creative side of the world to guide them. They also had a little bowl of doggie treats! I didn’t see any dogs though. Next week I’m posting on Babydoll at the New Vic, the show was awesome and the set was beautiful. Next week I’m seeing High Fidelity also at Centerstage Theater and I’m really excited, definitely check out my post on that in a few weeks.



All photo credits for the production go to Larry Davanzo.



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