SBHS Production Progress

With only 25 days until the show everyone is getting really excited and anxious about Bullets Over Broadway (me included because I’m in it). I think that everyone has been enjoying the rehearsal progress a lot, learning new dances and singing this type of jazz music is different from the past show in the fall. This show especially really pushes every part of the show, no one doesn’t get to act at any given point they’re always a real part of the scene. Even for being high schoolers Santa Barbara always has really good shows, and the fact that we’re the ones laying the foundation for Bullets at a high school level is going to be awesome. Since we’re 25 days out the rehearsal progress is starting to get into very specific things, we’re running transitions and doing 3 minute parts over and over to get them right. in terms of vocals, we’ve potentially got the whole show down… if everyone could remember the parts after learning them once. One of the best things about the songs is that since there are city accents in the show none of the songs we sing sound alike the original cast tracks. All of the accents are slightly different and it makes the show unique in a really awesome way, that combined with the choreography is really something awesome. The way you can think of it is there’s three main kinds of choreography throughout the show; the burlesque kind of dancing that the Atta Girls do, the more aggressive intimidating dancing that the gangsters do, and then the stuff all the actors does is sorta varied. I’m sure it’s difficult for the atta girls stuff too but doing all the moving and dancing for the gangsters while singing is extremely tough! But that’s one of the things that makes it so fun, the fact that at the end you’re red in the face and breathing kind of heavy makes it rewarding when you get it right.

Another reason the show is going to be awesome is because the set is going to be extremely big and crazy to the point that we’re literally building a pool to serve as the Gowanus Canal to have dead people fall into. And yes, they really will be falling in.

For anyone going to see the show it’s going to be pretty unique and really well done, I recommend making an effort to come. We have two weekends of showing starting on the 28th of April and ending on the following first weekend of May. We’re doing a preview of many of the songs in the show this weekend at Soho downtown, check it out. Everyone has put some really hard work into it! Friday I’m seeing Dos Pueblos’ production of The Addams Family and next week on Friday I’m going to see a show called Babydoll at the New Vic theater. There’s even a chance I might be going to see The Book of Mormon in May! Come check next week for a post on Addams Family.


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