The Addams Family 4-7

I’m sure most people will remember the old Addams Family movies with the dark and mysterious family that finds joy in dim things. It’s what made me excited to go see it at Dos Pueblos for their opening night. Writing this post is sort of difficult because as excited as I was, it didn’t live up to what I wanted it to be. I’m going to get the bad stuff out first so I can talk about the good because there definitely was also some good. One of the quite frustrating parts was the microphone situation, it seems as though not all the microphones were functional for the ensemble and even two of the leads Gomez and Fester kept having mic problems. Gomez’s mic couldn’t handle some of his singing which was upsetting because he was pretty good it’s just that the mic would make it sound bad. The choreography was good but I feel like in some spots especially it could’ve been much more intense than it actually was. In the tango song that Gomez and Morticia have towards the end it was really not as much of a kick as they could’ve put in there. The program was sort of bunk too, it was printed in black and white on normal printer paper but had the same picture as the poster so it was all sort of just dark, also it didn’t include a cast list. It had a tech list, musician list, but no cast list. It was confusing. Another thing is that they sort of cut out a few songs and even still the show dragged out quite far, they started a little late as well but thats expected night one anywhere.

Now to the stuff that I thought was great. In terms of individuals, the actress who played Alice, Lucas’ mom, was extremely amazing and talented. She easily transitioned from a quirky mom to the intense unleashed part later in the show and every time she sang something it was crazy good. I think also Wednesday and Lucas’ actors had good chemistry, they acted really well together. About the choreography, in certain numbers the spirits in the background who were ensemble sometimes had really simple things that added on to the other stuff that was going on stage and made it more funny or full. Something I usually enjoy about the Dos Pueblos shows I’ve seen in the past (Mary Poppins and Legally Blonde) are the sets that they have and in that aspect, I wasn’t let down. I enjoyed the way the pieces were mostly small and the transitions flowed from scene to scene. Also was great how they used the ensemble for that in their costumes so they never had to bring the lights down too far for the crew to move anything.

The music of the show is good and I’m glad I went to see it, check it out this weekend if you want to see it as well. Tonight I saw Last Train to Nibroc at Center Stage Theater and I didn’t know what to expect but in terms of shows I’ve seen that weren’t musicals that was definitely the best so far. It was really funny and gave me a lot of feelings even though it was only a little more than an hour. I definitely recommend seeing it or at least checking out my blog post on it next week!


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