Bullets Over Broadway.

This post is going to be only half biased and I’m still going to say that Bullets Over Broadway turned out to be a complete hit. Even on the nights we did not as well and we all believed we didn’t do well I had family members and other peoples family members tell me how good of a show we had. It was so big and expansive that if one part went wrong, people would just inadvertently focus on another part of the stage and become immersed in that.

In terms of acting on the stage, the show went amazing, people had their separate stories, everyone had their characters and it was great. In terms of singing, the show went pretty well too, I think and also witnessed at some points people weren’t singing their songs in the ensemble (or weren’t singing loud enough) and it just wasn’t enough. Even saying that, there was enough going on in the ensemble numbers that, chances were if they weren’t focussing on singing it’s because they were focussing on something else.

The costumes were amazing thanks to designer Bonnie Thor (who tailored many of the costumes herself with help from a small crew). I have never enjoyed dressing up in a costume more than when I got to dress and act like a gangster, although my brief scene in a hotdog suit was also a special moment in the show! The way that I feel I know this show now is this kind of thing that I’m never going to be able to change. Maybe I’ve already done Young Frankenstein and MOtN2017 but neither of those shows gave me the same sort of connection and I know I was more into this one than those. I built such a character in my head and I know that other people did too, that’s one of the reasons why the show was so damn good.

The band as well-it was 18 people- was extremely amazing. They were so loud but talented loud and it really just brought a lot of the other aspects together in the end. They were so good that, if you couldn’t see them, you’d think we were using a soundtrack except it was better than that. For that we have Jon Nathan and Sio Tepper to thank for both directing the band and playing in it. The crazy gangster numbers, were choreographed by Christina McCarthy who has worked with Otto for years, she’s obviously really good at it and that’s why the numbers were so great.

This show was also really really technical and involved a lot of backstage help, so thanks to all the tech team, it wasn’t an easy show to do with all the set pieces and different cues and everything. The crowd favorite by far was the gangsters ensemble number Taint Nobody’s Business If I Do. It was intense, and full of crazy things going on all over stage. It’s centered around a conflict between the two characters David (the writer) and Cheech (the gangster) and Cheech gets all his buddies to rough David up. It was definitely my favorite number to be in. Thats it at Santa Barbara High until next fall, there’s word of the show being Heathers, which is unlike the usual Otto trend but it still would be amazing.

All photo credits go to Lia Garcia.


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