High Fidelity 4-30

Out of the Box Theater Co. – “High Fildelity” 4/26/17 Center Stage Theater. Rob (Will Schneiderman) and “Bruce”(Marc Nicolas).

This show wowed me and all of the other members of the Bullets cast who went to see it, it was the only day we could because we had our own show going on at the time. I saw a lot of people from our show there, one of the actors in High Fidelity is a graduate of SBHS as of last year and she was also in the theater program here. The show is about this guy Rob Gordon who owns a record shop in Brooklyn.

Out of the Box Theater Co. – “High Fildelity” 4/26/17 Center Stage Theater. Rob (Will Schneiderman)

The first number of the show is called Last Real Record Store on Earth and it’s sort of a cynical joke about how yeah the record store makes no money and the people who come in are lame but there’s just something about it that Rob wouldn’t ever make a change. The plot of the show follows his weird thing where, his girlfriend broke up with him and he wants to convince himself that she wasn’t that big of a deal when everyone around him knows that he isn’t going to get over her.

Out of the Box Theater Co. – “High Fildelity” 4/26/17 Center Stage Theater. Laura (Reenee Cohen) and Ian (Willie Simpson).

He goes through the stages of grief like denial and anger and bargaining but not exactly in any specific order. On the other side of the situation, Laura his ex, is convinced that she found a good rebound. He’s this weird vegan spiritual connection kind of guy, the character was really great to see it was delivered well and his costuming was great too. By the end of the show Rob and Laura see their mistakes and get back together at this sort of concert/open mic he puts together at his record store. It’s a very funny show to watch really and the music style was amazing, through the show it’s supposed to be different styles of classic rock and roll. Looking back after and seeing which artist fits the songs was really interesting. Vocally, everyone I heard sing was amazing, having been at Bullets the night before, and then seeing that was crazy because I know that we’re good for a high school but they’re truly amazing. One of the ways I could’ve seen done better was maybe choreography but even so the people wouldn’t stand there blankly when I thought of this, they would still be acting through the song. The band for the show was fitting for a rock band; keyboard, drums, guitar, bass, and then a last person to play the other concert instrument needed for the song. It didn’t matter that it was smaller because it was loud and full.

Out of the Box Theater Co. – “High Fildelity” 4/26/17 Center Stage Theater. Company.

The set was also pretty cool, they had a few spinning platforms to serve as two rooms, switching between the record store, Rob’s house, and assorted other rooms. Overall I thought the show was super awesome with good technical and physical aspects, I think the next show I might be seeing is Anima at center stage or a show called The Caucasian Chalk Circle at UCSB, hoping I don’t get lost again!


All the pictures were taken at Center Stage Theater and credits for the production photos go to David Bazemore check his stuff out here



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