This semester of writing these posts and going to see these shows has been a really awesome thing for me. There’s nothing more that I fully appreciate than theater, and being able to do this was so awesome. I’m intending on continuing on with this blog, I know that some of my posts are not written too well so maybe I’ll get better at putting my thoughts into words for the posts. While it is safe to admit there were a few shows that I think could’ve had some improvement, I’m glad I got to go to every show that I did. I saw 12 shows, a mix of plays and musicals done by many different groups. I wish I could’ve seen more than one of them again, the fact that all of those shows will never be done the same way for me to see is a weird feeling. The way I can remember each one, they all left a lasting enough effect that I can remember more stuff about that day, details stick out more to me. It’s a weird feeling that is associated with the shows, mostly all the same kind of feeling.

The reason that all of this is so enjoyable to me is because, I don’t really like school at all(shocker). Being in the productions this year was awesome because it gave me a solid reason to want to go, so even now at times whenI’m in between shows I have a reason to keep working on stuff and arranging things like this. As long as this goes smoothly I’ll probably have seen over 30 shows by the end of the year, maybe not big ones, but they don’t have to be big. It’s funny that my wallet is full of old ticket stubs and not any money at this point but who really cares, I’ve tried to keep all ticket stubs and playbills to the shows I’ve gone to. Some of them have really cool covers on them and stuff, plus it’s a nice way to remember it too.


This weekend I’m seeing a show at UCSB and potentially by the end of June I’ll be seeing The Book of Mormon but it seems much less likely than before because of all the sold out tickets. In July there’s a production of Rent(that I’m in) at Center Stage Theater, it’s going to be awesome I recommend it. And in August I think I’ll be in New York and might see both Kinky Boots and A Bronx Tale, which are two amazing shows. I’m excited to be continuing this blog.


One thought on “Recap.

  1. I am a theatre fan as well most notably with musicals. Plays feels so boring compared to a musical and in a play, an emotional connection seems to be lost. But in a musical, emotional connections are very easy to exist thanks to songs. My blog clearly shows just how much I love musicals


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