Syncopation 6-15


Ensemble theatre Company – “Syncopation” 6/7/17 The New Vic Theatre

For the third and last time this season I was completely blown away by this Ensemble production. The show was based around a man Henry, living in 1911 New York City, who always had the dream of being a ballroom dancer, so he looks for a partner. In terms of dance partners, you see throughout the show he couldn’t have found a more problematic one. Anna’s character development is pretty ranged from beginning to end and it’s all because of the ways that Henry teaches her to push herself and do things out of her comfort zone or above what she thinks she can already do.

Ensemble theatre Company – “Syncopation” 6/7/17 The New Vic Theatre

They both fall into a strange relationship of liking each other, but being married to different things or people. Even the points where it doesn’t seem Henry has a partner because she claims she’s done, he can’t find someone who he really wants to dance with. Same way that when she isn’t dancing with Henry, she feels something is off or she wants more, and she looks for it in different people and places. The set, just like the other shows at the New Vic, was super cool. It was only one room which was the studio that Henry rents, and in order to show different scenes or times they would change the lighting or move it to different spots on stage.

Ensemble theatre Company – “Syncopation” 6/7/17 The New Vic Theatre

Something I thought was super cool was the way that when it switched monologues between people they both had separate spots on stage and were lit with some deep light, like purple or I think one part later was a dark orange kind of light. It set a different but engaging mood each time. Watching them dance and get better and better throughout the show really was cool to me because even the idea of taking ballroom dancing or any kind of dancing lessons even would be an awesome experience. Super enjoyed seeing this show, one of the coolest dancing focused things I’ve seen. Seeing Book of Mormon, definitely get a post out on that!

Ensemble theatre Company – “Syncopation” 6/7/17 The New Vic Theatre

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