I’m Elvis, not the rock and roll king though just a sophomore at Santa Barbara High School. School isn’t personally my favorite thing, I’m more into video games and music and food, I would count that as an interest too. Theater is also one of the best things that exists and I find myself recently very passionate and attached to it. I have an appreciation that I hope i can put into words and show how amazing theater and musical theater really is. The area that I live in has many theater groups and it won’t be hard to see and review a wide variety of shows.

On top of that I’ve been in two shows, Young Frankenstein, and Music of the Night which was student directed. I loved being in both of these and it only made me appreciate the work that’s done to make shows what they are even more. One of the best parts was getting close with all of the cast and crew, like this picture of the cast of Music of the Night 2017!