Last Train to Nibroc 4-13

For this show I was actually sent the production photos before I even saw the show and the photos were really cool looking. The outfits of the two people(only ones in the show) in them were really cool and then photos were in dull colors to add to the old effect. The show was about […]

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Mr. Burns 3-11

Mr. Burns was the more recent show  that I saw at UCSB, I want to start this post out by saying straight up that this show was amazing. The full name of the show is “Mr. Burns, A Post Electric Play” because of it being a post apocalyptic show after society has crumbled. Mr. Burns […]

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A Walk in the Woods 3-5

“A Walk in the Woods” was definitely one of the more serious shows I’ve gone to see but it was also a sort of comedy. It’s based on an arms treaty proposal that was made between Russia and the United States in the 1980s and the relationship the two negotiators developed while working together, and […]

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Fun Home 3-19

This week I’m on vacation in Michigan so it’s a good thing I saw a few extra things so I’ll have one to post on. On the 19th I saw the show Funhome and it was amazing, as well as the crazy good Italian food we had before hand at Maccheroni Republic. It was at […]

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Newsies 2-18

It was hard to push off writing this post until the last showing of Newsies for the Fathom Events but this was definitely my favorite show out of the ones I’ve done posts on so far. We did one of the songs in Newsies for Music of the Night this year so I had already […]

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Lydia 2-17

  Lydia is the first show I’m going to at UCSB out of hopefully many. I purposefully don’t read very much about the shows I see so that I can enjoy it all and figure it out for myself and from what I had read i knew that this show would be more serious and […]

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Porgy and Bess 2-11

I want to start this out with talking about when this show was made and why. The show Porgy and Bess was developed in the era of America that is associated with the Civil Rights movement. One of the weirdest things about the show is that, a show starring black people, and about black people […]

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